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MINA: Chapter I
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Reviews for Mina

"The suspenseful, episodic structure of their [Mina's and Mr. Serle's] unfolding tales, as well as the solemn formality of their narrative voices, is evocative of the period, as are myriad vivid details about everything from housekeeping to sea travel to religious and social discord in the mid-19th century. Even the melodramatic plot complications are based in historic fact and are true to the spirit of the Victorian novel."---The Boston Globe

"This first novel is inspired! . . . This young girl could be one of our ancestors whose story was unknown or forgotten. Here is an opportunity to reflect on those who made America a nation that still welcomes the tired, the poor . . ."--- The Decatur Daily

"Told in the first person, Mina is a riveting, emotional tale that is full of sorrow, but also filled with hope. . . . Do not miss this terrific novel."---Romance Reviews Today

"The hardships of poverty and displacement are tempered with hope, determination and the will to survive in this well-researched debut historical novel. Ceely's prose is graceful . . . and fans of the genre will appreciate [her] light touch and historical consistency."---Publishers Weekly

"A beautifully wrought tale. Mina is inspiring, engaging and enlightening."---Old Book Barn Gazette

". . . it [is] hard to put the book down . . . Jonatha Ceely creates characters who are as real as the kitchens in which they work . . . "---Sylvia Rothchild for The Jewish Advocate

Readers' Comments

"Ceely has caught perfectly the beauty, cruelty, and the very essence of one England about to transmute into another. . . . A lovely book"---Anne Rivers Siddons

"Mina is an absorbing and suspenseful portrayal of daily life on a Victorian estate, filled with vivid and surprising characters struggling to find their way amid the social turmoil of the time."---Lauren Belfer, author of City of Light

"In this touching novel, Mina and her brother Daniel begin a dangerous journey to America, but are soon separated. . . . you will feel immersed in Victorian England."---The Dover Public Library Newsletter

"For those who love historical fiction, Jonatha Ceely's first novel is a delight. . . . In the face of relentless hardship and suffering, hope and perseverance prevail and leave the reader wishing for a sequel."---Jenny Allen, Framingham Public Library

"Couldn't put it [Mina] down. It has a powerful story line, amazing detail, a fascinating batch of characters."-Richard Moore, author of The Mouse Whole, The Investigator, and numerous other books, see his website

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